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Source Your Next Timepiece

Detroit Watch Exchange brings the value of the secondary market with the trust and security of buying retail. DWE has an extensive network to find excellent timepieces that are well cared for and authentic. Our clients are often selling pieces other clients desire. This service is designed for the following types of buyers:

  1. Buyers who are new to the luxury market and need advice on models and the buying process.

  2. Buyers who know what they want but don’t have time to search, authenticate, and deal directly with sellers.

  3. Buyers who are looking for one of a kind or hard to find pieces.  


Detroit Watch Exchange is looking to build long term relationships with our clients. We are building a concierge service for our clients to be their go-to watch experts. We currently have a number of clients that we know their collections, tastes, and needs. We buy their pieces, consign them, and source for them quickly in their budgets.  



This process may seem laborious but can actually be done rather quickly. With our network, we can find most pieces in a reasonable amount of time. Rare or high demand pieces may take additional time. We will communicate this in the consolation. 

  1. Consultation: DWE will follow up with the watch details, price range, and time frame.

  2. Deposit: If you are in agreement with the details you will put a 10% deposit on the watch. 

  3. Search: Once we have your deposit, we will find the perfect piece and confirm with pictures of the exact watch before purchase.

  4. Inspection: DWE will receive the watch and inspect it for authenticity, as described, defects, or shipping issues. 

  5. Final Payment: Once the watch is inspected, the client will be sent a final invoice

  6. Shipping: DWE will ship the watch fully insured to the customer via FedEx 

  7. Gloat: You will get to beam with delight as you wear and show off your new Grail!

DWE Sources These Watches
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