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Our mission at DWE is to help our clients navigate the landscape of the pre-owned watch market. 

We help our clients source specific pieces and assist with valuation, condition, and authenticity. We can also advise our clients on buying and selling strategies on their personal collections. The biggest benefit is covering all sales logistics for clients. We take the risk of authenticity, money transactions,  and shipping logistics for our clients.  We want to be your trusted partner on your watch collection journey

Why buy on the Secondary Market?

One word…..Value. Like most luxury goods, once a watch is purchased new it depreciates quickly. Luxury timepieces like Breitling, Bell & Ross, and Panerai will reach a base value and hold that value over time. In many cases, they will increase in value as certain models are discontinued or become more desirable. The bottom line is buying at these prices retains your value in the timepiece, and it can be quicky liquidated or traded up. This value brings the decision of buying the watch you LOVE from the emotional decision to a smart financial one.

Rob Fipps

The owner and operator of DWE is Rob Fipps. Rob started his watch journey on his 16th birthday when his parents gifted him is first "Nice" watch, a two-tone Pulsar dress watch with a butterfly clasp.  From that point there was not turning back. He went through the typical phases of fashion and tool watches. While hunting for an Omega Speedmaster, Rob noticed luxury watches didn’t just hold value but gained in value over time like an investment. Owning these amazing timepieces was more than just an addiction but an actual investment strategy. After lots of buying, selling, educating, and a few mistakes along the way, a business was born. Rob was never satisfied with one watch, so this business gives him the opportunity to handle and interact with many different models and pieces. It has also given him the opportunity to meet an awesome group of watch enthusiast around the globe.


The one item that makes Detroit Watch Exchange necessary is Trust. In the complex and highly counterfeited watch market, a guide is needed to navigate the transaction of thousands of dollars, shipping logistics, and timepiece authentication. DWE has a trusted network to source watches that are 100% authentic. We vet all watches as well as sellers. We assume all risk for watches sold. DWE works with a local watchmaker for all repairs, polishing, and authentication. We stand by every sale with a 100% Authenticity guarantee. 

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